Can I get a substitute?

Well, it has been so long since my last post - and I am sorry friends!
I have been a slacker! So far, 2014 has not liked me very much! I missed two days sicker than a dog and then fast forward a day, and my son has been sick for a WEEK! I have been stuck in my house for the last seven days. I cleaned my closet, my kiddos room, and have washed every sheet, and pillow case - twice. I had NO motivation to do anything else. I think my sons sickness made me a bit sick. In having to go to the hospital and possibly need to take an entire week off from work - I was in a panic. I can usually go in to school and get my sub stuff ready, but when my son is sick, I am not trying to drag him out of the house! I looked on TPT for something that would work for a day or two that wasn't strongly connected to curriculum, but most sub tubs contained the forms and procedures but not any quality work. I hate having worksheets for my kids but when you can't come in and don't have your desk ready to be sick - worksheets will have to do, but I want them to be engaging. My kids love playing scoot, and they love cut and glue activities. Lets face it, so do subs - they are easy and take a while.

My kids have things they work on each day, but I wanted something that I all I had to do was hit send and say get to what you can. So my Print and Go Sub Tub was born.

I am going to print all of this and have it ready, but I wanted it to be something you could email tomorrow morning, and say hey, I need 25 copies of each.
I had a few people that said can you put in some editable info that maybe can be used the whole year in case they buy it in advance - so sure!!!

This class list is editable - as is all the rest of the pages that have the color backgrounds - that way you can fill them out, print and they are done, done, done. 

You have the choice of two editable covers in case you don't like the actual tub or 

if you like this cute sick puppers. 

Here are a few activities that are included in this pack

My student that I believe is dyslexic will benefit from pages like this! 

I like using this for any read aloud!!

Students can either use a mirror for added fun, or they can use their common sense to figure it out, either way - this may be my favorite sheet, and I will continue to make more of them - maybe in word families so that Kindergarten teachers and first grade reinforcement can be done. 

This is actually a part of a bigger set, but thought I would pop this in. I charge $1.00 just for this in my store, so you are getting this all for a STEAL!!

I love this sort and it will be a nice review no matter when I would use it 

I took two days and made them for the November-March ish time, but only because of the science and morning work in this packet - otherwise, this can be a first grade review for anytime!

I already gave away 3 of these on Instagram for helping decide what to put on, plus a repost and tag winner but I am going to give away one more.

Comment your worst sub experience - plans, note from sub, behavior reported - something - what was your worst day off and I will pick the winner I think has the worst! I will pick a winner on Monday night!

I can't wait to put this together on Monday so I am prepared if this ever happens again!!!

Lots of love

Mrs. H.

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  1. I love this pack. We have had SO much illness in our school this past month too. I especially love your two sight words pages. Do you have them as sets? I would get them in a heartbeat.


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