Sight Word Goodies!

Do your kiddos have a tough time with sight words? Mine were, too! I have been working hard to get my kids remember how to spell those sight words. I made a couple different things for them to practice.
First up is my puzzler game. My kids FLIP for this. It is made up of 35 different sight words.
Looks can be deceiving. My husband had to look really carefully at the alphabet and pictures to get the words right. In his defense, I didn't tell him they were sight words - or give him the handy checklist of words to look for!! haha

Click on the picture below to check this out! 

 This game is differentiated. It has 2, 3, 4 and 5 letter sight word cards. Green cards are 2 letters, yellow cards are 3 letters and so on. This allows you to easily have a child work on a particular box that is on their level. I use the Iris Photo boxes for of the cards. All together, I end up using 5 boxes. I print up an entire pack and laminate it and label it an "extras" box for when (not if) a piece or two goes missing.

 I allow up to four students to play this at once. As long as they all have their own box. I copy and laminate four of the color puzzler sheets so that they are able to match the letters with the sounds. Not all of them are what you expect, thus the puzzler name.
First students make two piles. one pile of the words, then one pile of the pictures - all in the same color. 
Then, they pick the picture card up and use the puzzler sheet to pick the beginning sound letters that are needed. For the one below, they needed era. Then, they spread out the words in they are confused for extra help if they can't figure out the word just by shuffling them. 

 Once they have the card, they put them together. They look in the corner and see that are is number 13. They put the word are on line number 13. The goal is to be the first to fill up all of their lines.

This next card is a sample of how it can be tricky and it forces them to think outside of the box or simply use the sheet *we know some stinkers think they know it all. 
Many will try to pull out the letters caid. They think that little girl is crying. She is, but if you look at the key - she is "sad" and they need an "S" to make the word said.

Once they have them in order, they take their number 18 cards, write the word said and then tuck those back into the box. I tell them to remember to shuffle before putting them back in or another friend will get done before them. :) The competition makes them listen! :)

Here are the words that are included in this activity. I am currently working on a second part of this pack that will include the rest of the pre-primer word list. I will then do a primer word list and first grade as well. 

 Here is just a couple of buyers' feedback. It truly makes my heart skip a beat when people see what I see in a product that I make!

If you'd like to try this before you buy it, you can click the link below to try a small sample of this product. I am sure it will not disappoint! :) 

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Next up in sight word practice is my Fix It - Sight Word Sentence Pack.
Do your kids have as much trouble with sentence structure as mine? 
Do they need help with sight words too - oh my word - sometimes I feel like I don't teach anything sometimes!!!

So I made this. My kids are practicing sight words, sentence structure, writing, sequencing and fluency all in one pack. If you want to check out the small set click the PREVIEW pack. 
In this set you will get the first list of seven sentences. They are scaffolded for differentiation. 

There are six different sets of seven sentences in the whole pack. 

Be careful there is a difference!! One says preview and one says FULL!!!!!!

First they sort their pictures into like piles

They figure out which is the start and end of the sentence. For those that need help the third word in every sentence has the number 3 on the back of the card. Use it if you need it. 

Order the sentence

then find the picture on your recording sheet. Write your sight word on the picture line, then copy the sentence. 

My kids love this! I have them do a set a week. So it would be 7 weeks. Then I repeat - so this is 14 weeks of sentence and sight word practice!!! You can easily have this for longer as my kids forget quickly! 

During this center, I have my kiddos use this freebie as these are the things I am looking for in my class for sentence writing. These are a freebie in my store. My kids love them! 
Click on the link  below to snatch this freebie up! 

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