Wordless Wednesday-Grateful

I am linking up again with Christina at Sugar and Spice  for Wordless Wednesday


How has TPT changed your life as a creator or purchaser? Please share with me! I would love to hear! 

Mrs. H.


  1. Love such sweet feedback!!! I think, especially since I've become a creator, TPT has just made me a better teacher. I fully understand what I am teaching, the standards, etc. Plus, as a bonus, that little cha-ching just brightens up my days!
    Missing Tooth Grins

  2. I am new to the selling part of TPT, but it has definitely enhanced my teaching. I love sharing my ideas as well as seeing what everyone else does! It's a great community of teachers!


  3. How wonderful to receive such great feedback!

    TPT started out as a hobby and curiosity but has grown into a small business that I am proud to call my own! As a single parent, the extra income has been a huge blessing! I reinvest much of my earnings in items I buy for my classroom from other teachers on TPT!

    I have made so many great friendships along the way and been inspired beyond words to be the best teacher I can possibly be!

    Creative Lesson Cafe


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