Five for Friday - Three in a row?! Some more freebies!

Can you tell I am on Spring Break?! What What!!!
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first ever Five For Friday. How you guys post all during the week while you work is beyond me... I like my sleep....

I am on Spring Break, so I have been spending a bunch of time with this guy...

He is learning about flowers just like my kids in school. He will say that we are growing sunflowers and cilantro...thanks Target!

This is the only cherry blossom picture we got. Not very nice, but it will have to do. 

My kid is the fastest puzzle puter togetherer (yep I just made that word)

I could eat him up.

He loved making the window sun catcher. It turned out great!!

So, here is the next installment of what I am up to in my class!!!
My students are doing well with comprehension for the most part, but they can always use practice! I made these up so my sweet friends can read a passage, and then find the answers in the text. I am big on using part of the question in the answer as well. I have my kids use their crayons to highlight their answer in the text. I always use ROY G. BIV as the order we color the answers so that anytime I ask them to highlight, they know what I am talking about. This is one of my sweeties doing hers.

Here is a close up so you can see how they need to highlight. The fiction pack allows them to scaffold through difficulty of reading - starting with short vowels, to digraphs and then blends. 
Students also go from having just four questions and a picture to ending with just writing and if they finish early, they can draw on the back side. They have a max of 6 questions. This has increased their comprehension and fluency so much! 

As you can see at first, it is just using vocabulary to practice using the question in their answer. 

This is the most complex at the end. I really love the color coding too! I notice that if they locate, they are more likely to get the question right, rather than guessing! 

There are 34 pages for your liking! 

If you like the fiction packet - you may be interested in the non-fiction pack! My kids LOVE this pack!!! I am so happy to see them excited about non-fiction. I am reinforcing vocabulary, fluency and comprehension!!!

Check out this pack while it is on sale! 

Well, it started out as riddle me for sight word practice, but I think it will end up being a mystery sight word instead. I am almost finished and can't wait to put it on sale over the Easter break.

Have you checked out the new collaborative blog we started? There are tons of fantastic bloggers and creators on this site! If you have checked out our Spring Freebies - Please do - it starts again tomorrow and you don't want to miss out...You may see a riddling, sight word freebie

Have a great weekend my sweet friends!!

Mrs. H. 

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