Thanksgiving Freebie

Hi friends, Just a quick post to say hello and share the best craft and activity I did for Thanksgiving. I asked each kiddo in my room to tell me how to cook a turkey. I had already done a writing, and didn't want them to do it, so I had them tell me. I am so happy that I did. We had parents in the school today, and I overheard them laughing and making comments about how cute these were. That just fills my bucket - ya heard? So here is what they looked like.
"The store takes off the feathers because no one wants to eat soft feathers, you could get sick" , "only adults eat turkey", "you only clean a turkey if it is covered in mud - with water and oil". 
"We get a turkey from the farm. The turkey is alive. I pluck off the feathers. Then we cook it for twenty minutes in the oven on hot. Then my dad cuts it into pieces and serves the turkey."
We get our turkey from Costco. The turkey probably weighs 87 pounds, and costco killed the turkey...
"Get a live turkey from the farm. Take the turkey home and kill it outside. My dad does that..."
Here was our description

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