A ton to do and no time to do it!

Guys, I am seriously freaking out that I only have 7 days of vacation left! AKKK
Where has the time gone?!  Stay tuned for a freebie at the end!!!

I have a list as long as I am to do still, but the good thing is that I got my class list yesterday, so my 5 hour drive to Pittsburgh was full of TPT creations and making my labels for things for my kiddos!

So one of my sweet kiddos last year was a girl named Reese. Well, this year I am supposed to have another Reese, but this time, a little boy. We will see if this Reese is just as sweet.

What I do is have the kids on the first day color their name that I put on their desk. The picture of my sweet girl on the left is the first day of school. (Yes, I know it looks terrible but I didn't know about the cute hold a picture or item for first day pictures... that has been corrected!) The right picture is the last day of school with the same picture!! It is a helpful piece of information because then I then have a page in my sub binder with the kids picture and names and also for allergies so they can see a face along with what they are allergic to. The name plate then goes in the hallway for the rest of the year after I laminate it as a display for their student work! Double duty stuff - I LOVE IT!  I also put both pictures and the name sign into their memory book and it is a great keepsake!

 This is what I am working on right now while I am in Pittsburgh. I needed labels that were cute and round to label my tables, garbage cans, and for my classroom jobs! So I thought I would share my editable labels with you! They are my TPT right now here!
My adorable clip art is from the absolutely fantastic Library Fox! She does custom requests, and she whipped these wonderful little friends up so fast! I just love them and her!
Then I made ones that you can use with business card templates. That way you pop them out and stick them right into the business card lamination pocket and you are DONE DONE DONE. So fast and easy! You can find those here

Lastly, my wonderful followers on Instagram told me they would like to see circular ones! So I did those for you! You can find them here

So, my next project is to complete my book basket labels with my chevron circles that I made! Whoot I love that I made them now so now I can just pop them right in! Yea buddy! 

Leave a funny comment about what you dread about school, and I will pick two winners that are the funniest to pick one of my three packets for free! :)

Mrs. H.


  1. Ultimate dread.....the indigestion that awaits me from scarfing my lunch down in 15 min. so I have time to make a copy and pee.

  2. I have Kinders and my biggest dread is having to clean up after a kiddo who messes himself/herself if I don't send them to use the toilet in time - it would be my fault and I would have received my just reward :):(


  3. One year I had three boys with the same name and FIVE girls with the same name! It was pretty confusing, so That's my number one dread. Having to pack lunch at 6:30 in the morning is right up there, though.....

    Debbie K.
    Always Primary


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