Giveaway Winners

Hi Friends!
A quick little line to congratulate my sweet friends on the giveaway!

Please email me with your address Amber, along with the color ribbon you want incorporated into your wreath. I would also love for you to take a picture of it in your room, and send it to me!

Emily, please send me your address!

Tiffany, I will email you back with a zip of all my products (even some in progress!)

Thank you all so much for entering and following me! Know that I am not working on my 700-well now 800 instagram friends giveaway!

It will be huge and is taking so much more time to put together than I thought it would! Phew!

Ok T-7 days until I start school...whaaaaa

Hugs friends,

Mrs. H.

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  1. Agghhh! I am so excited!! I will e-mail you in just a minute here. Yippee!! Thank you!


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