A few pictures of my room

Hi Friends!
I have been so busy setting up for school, that I haven't had time to come on my sad little blog.

I am almost ready for the kids to come! I just have a few ton of things left on my list. I cross off one thing and see three more things that need done. Dang!

Here are a few things I have been working on!
You can click on any of the pictures below to go to the signs.

This is my poster blown up and in use

I also created a homework folder label. This could be used as a homework folder or a label in your classroom. Here is a picture of how mine is used. 
The best part is they are editable!!! You can download the font that I used or use your own and make them look exactly how you want!! :)

Don't mind the cloud, but we haven't posted names yet of our kiddos and I don't want to be in violation! You can click on either picture to get this cover. You could easily put center names or table numbers on this as well! 

I also made these table numbers and a lost and found sign to put lost items in so that I am not interrupted for a loose staple! :) You know you have all gotten a loose staple handed to you! 

These will be in my store later today if I can get myself up to doing it. 

There is NO tired like a teachers tired the first week of school - right? 

Have a great day

Mrs. H.

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  1. Love all your creations! I see you use Nikki folders too....love them! Looks like you are just about ready! Tomorrow is my first day with ALL my kinders....so nervous! Have a great week...:)

    Blessings, Vicky
    Keep Calm and Imagine


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