Classroom Tour

Hi Guys!
I wanted to give you a little HUGE classroom tour!
Here is what my room looked like undecorated and plain as can be when I walked in! 
You can see some left overs from my polka dot room. I had to switch rooms, so I had to go four doors down the hall! 

These pictures were June 10th
And here we are at open house

Here is the wreath I made for my front door! :)

This is a close up of what my groups of desks look like. 
On the shelf there are 8 dictionaries, and a bin on top that holds the kids reading bags. 
Underneath Writing folders for works in progress and science books. 
I made the table bin labels. 

This is where kiddos put missing coats, hats, gloves and other things they have found. Once a week, we put in the school lost and found. 

These were my volunteer sign up sheets for room parent, folder stuffer, open volunteer. I also had a conference sign up sheet, Math Mondays where parents come Monday mornings and do flash cards, and other math games during morning time. I used clear frame signs to display them. I found them in the take pile in the teachers lounge. SCORE 
I also made the signs for these as well. 

The bench seats were made from vinyl and were just revamped because the fabric was dirty.

This is my library area. Above the bulletin board are the sweet Melonheadz graphics that I blew up at school. I made the READ sign over summer, and I also made the sign that says welcome to our first grade. 
The bench seat was free with leftover materials from the bench seats above. I had the board cut for free from left overs from Home Dept. 

Here is my listening center area. Under the purple table are the listening centers to choose from for the week. The rest of the year are in the crate seats by my reading table. The drawers have clip boards and headphones. I made the labels for these. 

You can also see my writing folders. Students will have four sheet protectors per nine weeks. Finished original graded writings will go in here in order to be compiled each of the nine weeks. 

The border is from creative teaching press and the bench is from Kohls. Free with Kohls cash. 

The bulletin board is going to be my word wall, but during open house it said "wish". I got most of the items taken during back to school night. 
I painted the Dr. Seuss up top and the small one was a gift from one of my first students ever when I taught kindergarten. She loved the picture and made me one. Sweet girl. I also painted the Olivia and Lilly myself. There is a mural at the top that I painted as well. 

The white book baskets are from Big Lots and the purple ones were from Walmart this year for .97 each.

My purple balls are from amazon - Martha Stuart

This is my teacher/reading area. It was and still is a work in progress. 

THis is what my area looks like. 
I also made the labels for the drawers. I am hoping that this year is more organized for me. 

This is my favorite area. I have the Monday-Friday drawers that everyone got from Lowes four years ago. I have used them daily since. I also LOVE my check, file and copy filing system. It helped so much last year. I made the labels for these too. On top is my personal paper cutter. 

Here is a view from the wall. 

In the bins on top, I have labels for clorox wipes, baby wipes, notebooks, kleenex, and zip loc bags. There are two rows of the same. Yep, we get that many. BLESSED. 
Underneath, are my mailboxes. off to the sides are where my kiddos put their lunches and snacks. 
Underneath that in the gray bins, we keep our coats and backpacks. Then the lids are put on. I HATE seeing backpacks. We don't go in them until the end of the day, so there is no reason to have them exposed. 

This is my bathroom door and where my failure pocket chart should go. I am buying a new one. 
This is my subway art that I created. I just love it. 

close up of my mailbox with the binder clips. I love how they are working! Next year, I will add clear packing tape to the binder clips so that the labels stay on easier. 

This board is done, but i don't have a new picture yet. This is my job chart that I created. 

This is where all my math manipulatives go. 

This is my favorite area. On each command hook I have the kiddos computer and lunch log ins. Above each hook is their number so they can put them back when we come back from lunch. Easy Peasy

Here is my awesome take home folder that I made along with my back to school night packet. The yellow folder goes home every Thursday with things from our PTO. The blue is ours and goes home every day for communication. The black and white name was colored by each kid on the first day so I can hang them all year. 

I have some kids that have a hard time staying organized and loose everything. I put this drawer in their desk to easily pull out when something is lost. 

This is my communication station for the morning. My friends put their blue folders in the blue bin (the only not purple thing in my room). Attendance is in the yellow folder. The chart to the right is our dismissal chart. Then my yellow mailbox is where notes go. I also keep tissue and sanitizer on the top for easy access when we leave for specials. 

This is what is underneath the cart. Students do not go in this area. 

This is my teacher area. It is still a mess, but I have my toolbox and schedules easily accessible. 
This is behind my door. It is where I keep water bottles. I HATE hearing them clang and fall on tables. This year they go on the door. 

This is my word work area. I love this pocket chart. I got it at a random yard sale that had nothing for teaching but this. They didn't even know what it was. I acted cool and calm while jumping out of my skin when they accepted $2!!! Whoot! 

Here is my bucket filler area. Each child has their own bucket. Each Friday we fill buckets. Sorry for the awesome quality pictures. Iphone fail

Here is my behavior chart that I made for my sweet friends using magnets rather than clips. The clips kept breaking so I used number magnets. Off to the right is where they pick their lunch. We have five choices, so it takes up a lot of space. 

This garbage can is just for snack garbage so that I know that snack garbage isn't in the recycling bin like last year. The recyclers hated first grade! 

This is my calendar area/birthday area and where all crayons, pencils etc go. 
The white bins are from walmart and each drawer has a separate color. I also have coins in the tall right one. In the purple magnetic bins I have magnetic coins for calendar. 

The purple pocket chart was target and I use this for daily 5 rotations so kids know where they are going. 

On my teacher area - all pens and sharpies all organized by type. 

Here is my bookshelf of stories that I use for read aloud. 

View from my reading area. 

I gave these to my team on the first day. They had colored gel pens! 

The whole grade level has these signs that I made. There is a color for each teacher and an animal so that students can easily find rooms they need to visit. 

This is my favorite thing ever. We use walkie talkies during dismissal for our grade level! I JUST LOVE THEM. It keeps us from having to call the office for help! Saves time and aggravation!!!

This is my hallway display bulletin board area. I LOVE how this turned out. I made all the signs and they are in my tpt store.

My first read aloud to my class! They loved it! 

Hard at work on their first day. My friend at the top left was thinking of what his goal was for the year!

This was my pack for the first day of school along with the first day of school picture! They turned out SO much cuter than I ever thought! 

Well, picture heavy but that is my classroom! 

Please leave me a sweet comment! How was your first week back? I just love my friends. They are all so sweet. I can't wait to get into the swing of things!

Mrs. H. 


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