Valentine's Day Candy Jar - and giveaway update!

I wanted to share this freaking A DOR ABLE candy jar! I found the idea to do it right here.

I was sitting in my house looking at my bay window. This is the only place in my tiny little shoe box that I can display anything. I call it the mantel. Even thought it certainly is NOT a mantel! I have decided that I will spend $20 per holiday on this mantel area. This project cost me a whopping - $2.25

Here are your materials and the tutorial! 
First materials:
I got this pack of 8 scrapbook papers for $1.00 at Target in the dollar spot. I used 1 TINY square. See it on the middle left?
Flower pot and base  Pat Catans for a buck
Craft Paints - I had on hand
Varish (on hand)
Hot Glue or crazy glue - on hand
Wood Ball (4 for $1) so .25 each at Michaels
 My paint was a bit darker than I really wanted so, I mixed up my dark purple with a bit of white to get the color I wanted....

I painted the base purple and then the middle part of the pot purple. I wanted to contrast the colors so I painted to top and bottom of the pot pink - make sure you paint the top because you can see it with the glass. ALSO **** paint the underside of the base saucer too because you can take off the "lid" to get your candy. you dont' want it terra cotta orange...blah I also painted the knob pink...LET IT DRY completely

Use your varish to set in the color. You can also spray it with a glaze if you like.

Look how shiny the varnish makes it!

Cut your scrapbook paper or vinyl letters - whatever you have.

I used modge podge but you can use hot glue, superglue - whatever you have.

see how there are bubbles on it? I used my finger to smooth. I also added a crazy glue line down it and mistakenly used my finger to go down the line. * use a popsicle stick or something other than your finger!!!***

I kept smoothing it until it dried. It seemed to take forever!  Glue on your bowl. Use crazy glue. Hot glue won't work.

Glue on your ball to the top. I used crazy glue here too.

Almost done...missing a bow!!!

I took the most glittery wired ribbon I had. I tied it around and glued it on the back.

Take another piece and make a loop - like so

Twist it so the unglittered side is up on the right...see?

Make another loop - the pretty side will show again. In the middle under your thumb you will have two unglittered sides.

Make another smalllllll loop - the glittered side is back! This is your center bow.


This is what your bow looks like.  Do you see how the bottom of my bow isn't wired? My ribbon was HUGE in width so I cut it in half. The first half was used to wrap around my jar - the bottom half is my bow.

Take wire or glue and wrap wire around the middle of your bow (don't cover top front of little bow, put it in the hole behind it and wrap around or hot glue it. I recommend the wire. It holds better)

Then I HOT glued it to the ribbon on the glass. I also put the end of my ribbon tails together and on a downward motion cut them to get those points on the ribbon tails.

Here is the finished product! It is next to my next tutorial - my cupcake liner topiary! Isn't it soooo pretty? 

We only need 5 more people to win my giveaway of $10 FREE dollars in a giftcard from Target, Michaels, or Joann! Be sure to check it out here!

Happy Gumballing!!!


  1. I love this post! You are so amazing!

    I am so glad I found you! I am a new follower and would love for you to visit me! =)

    Heather's Heart

  2. Hi Heather!

    Thank you for the sweet compliment! I have also been to your blog! So cute! I am now a follower of yours! Thanks for coming to visit me! :)


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