Bumper Pad Teething Rail Cover

Kiddo has been a BREEZE with teething. By 15th months he was only missing his two year molars. By his 18 month check up - he had ALL his baby teeth - insane to think he has them all, but he does. He isn't a fussy teether, but I can show you what he does! Do you see how he has the wood dug out? It is all three sides, the entire length of the crib!!!

So I really thought his crib was ruined - and my father in law said once Reid is done teething he would sand and restain the whole thing. What a pain in the butt! As luck (?) would have it - a huge piece of decorative wood fell off and I threw a fit to JC Penny. They offered to replace our crib with a brand new one - so I was able to get a brand new one! This one doesn't have any of those crazy marks, but I knew that Reid would be like a stinking beaver still and chew his new $500 bed! Here is what popped into my mind as I started looking up the $50 rail covers --- I have these bumper pads that no one is allowed to use in their cribs, but everyone gets in a set.

I tied them down on each side of the crib. Then I took four zip ties and placed them anywhere there wasn't a tie! They are on there very sturdily (is that a word?)

It didn't cost me a penny!!! That crib will be secure and unscratched by my little stinkers teeth marks! Whooo hooooo!!!

Do you see the one zip tie right in the middle? I only needed 1 on the front and one on each side one right in the middle! See how the ties help with the other points? They fit PERFECTLY!!!

We left the piece hanging out so that it wasn't pointy or jagged. It is on the outside of the crib, and he doesn't even notice they are there! Our crib is safe from his beaver teeth!!! Horray!


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