St. Patrick's Day Deco Wreath

Here is yet another wreath. I am OBSESSED. I love these so much! I got my idea to make these deco wreaths here
This one was around $10 and one of my more expensive wreaths. I used the green wreath from Michaels that has the three circled wires on it.  Don't let the green colors fool you! I was outside in the SNOW taking pictures of this bad boy! I hate the snow so whats better than sled riding? Working on a wreath during nap time sipping hot tea!!!!
First gather your mesh and use wire to secure it to the back of your wreath. I use about 7 inches of mesh and place it pretty close to the preceding one. I eyeball it.

Then I took the gold and went around the openings where the green had holes.

My last piece I pulled extra through

and tied a knot and used it as my hanger.

Then I wrapped shamrock garland around it.

Then I added a few picks from Christmas clearance and added my dollar tree sign.

All together this wreath cost me under $10 bucks! :)

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Mrs. H

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