Another Valentine's Day Wreath

Well, here is another Valentine's Day Wreath - I just love wreaths, can you tell? They are my new kick! Going to Sam's Club and getting deco mesh for a STEAL was so exciting!!! Clearing out Michael's Christmas picks at 75% off was also very thrilling! Using the dollar tree to come up with awesome wreaths make my day!!!

Embrodery Hoop (just one circle) - on hand
Silver Garland or rope garland $1
Red garland from Walmart .50
Heart Ribbon - Dollar Tree $1
Bow Ribbon - Dollar Tree $1
Total Cost $3.50

Start by wrapping the garland around your embroidery hoop. I used hot glue to secure it. 

See how it makes it look puffy?

Wrap the red garland around that.

wrap the ribbon around it.

Add the bow...


pretty bow I made

admire your work!

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  3. Awwww thanks for following!!! I will be sure to complete the award, pass it on and become followers!!! Thank you both a ton!!!!


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