Valentine's Day Mesh Wreath

Ok, I know Valentine's Day is a bit off, but I can't help myself! I just love the holiday so much, that I thought I would do a mesh wreath tutorial on my own deco mesh wreath.

Dollar Tree Wreath $1.00 - Good Luck finding them! I have purchased every single one in the Pittsburgh area! :)
I roll of Geo Mesh or Deco Mesh - I found mine at Sam's Club for $4.91 for a 10 yard roll x21 inch wide.
Purple garland (I got mine for 50% off at Walmart Xmas Clearance) $1.00
Valentine Heart from Michaels for $2.09 (30% off)
Valentine ornaments from Michaels $2.09 (30% off)
Valentine Ribbon (Dollar Tree $1.00)
Floral Wire (Michaels - $1.99 but I had on hand)

First spray or wrap the wreath!
Paint if you want so spray the wreath , or red, pink, or purple ribbon to wrap around the wreath instead. Whatever you choose. I am not patient enough for paint to dry, so I usually wrap mine - costing me another buck.

This project in all only cost me a whopping - $12.00

Gather your mesh from the ends and wrap it with the wire and twist - then twist it around the wreath. Make another "poof" and secure it about 3 inches from the one you just did. Work your way around the wreath doing this. I make my poofs about 10-12 inches of material.

You can see how I wrapped this one with pink ribbon.

Here is what it looks like once you have the whole thing wrapped. I take pictures so I can see where I need to poof more. Like that top right corner!

I found that walmart Garland and only used about 1.3 of it. I took and wrapped it once and then cut it in a strip so I only needed four pieces. I didn't want to make it too busy.

See how it is nice and simple?

I found my ribbon and started to loosely wrap around the wreath. I hot glued it in the back.

Then I got my wooden heart and used the ribbon it came with, and secured it to the wire at the top.

See how it looks?

I think this is just too pretty!

I hot glued the backs of these hearts to the mesh - BE CAREFUL that glue gets HOT

What a beauty!

I think I may add lights around mine to put on my outside door. Please share your favorite valentine wreath!!! Leave a comment and be a follower why don't ya?!

This is another one I made by cutting pieces rather than bunching... do you like? Should I do a tutorial on this? I think it may just be too busy????

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  1. how prettty. im going to be making one for my class room and my room now thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I just saw this! This is one of my favorites! I think I say it for every one though!! :)


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