Winter "Frosty" Sig

I saw this idea on pinterest and I had to make one. If you want to see the original go here.  I do NOT have a silhouette machine so this project would have been CRAZY. EASY. However, I do not so here are my instructions:
You will need a supply list

6 - 4 x 2.5 inch blocks.
scrapbook paper
mod podge
acrylic paint and brushes
printer and ball point pen (or silhouette machine)

I went to home depot and got a CRAP TON of wood from the scrap box. The sweet home depot guy even cut them into the 4x2.5 inch blocks. How sweet! It was only $2.00 for seriously 50 lbs of wood - yay!

1. First I painted the blocks a light blue.
2. I let it dry.  while it is drying I cut my scrapbook paper so that I had one light then one dark color.
3. I mod podged it on the wood and let it dry.
4. While it was drying I font a font I liked. I used word and
made three columns so it had a bit left over. I am sure the silhouette machine would have cut this time out almost completely.
5. I used a ball point pen, and traced each letter on to each piece of scrapbook paper. It is REALLLLLY hard to see, but I then traced each letter with a pen.
6. Then I colored in each letter how I printed it.
7. Once it was dry, I mod podged it, then I sprayed a clear coat.
Voila!    p.s - I plan on making the back side Valentine's Day - stay tuned!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I haven't seen these on Pinterest, but I had to pin it. ;)

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