Dollar Store Wreath -

This is one of my favorite wreaths!!! I didn't see a tutorial on this one, so I am taking my own credit! :)
This was SO cheap! Here is your supply list:
1. Dollar Tree Wood Wreath $1.00 (on hand)
2. Joann Fabric Wired Ribbon $1.27
3. 1 pack of red bulbs (6 pack) $1.00 (on hand)
4. 6 silver glass bulbs (on hand but probably $1.00)
5. leftover garland from front door (free) but dollar tree had it for a $1

6. Green Floral wire (free on hand) but $1.00 at Dollar Tree
7. Silver garland $1.00
total cost of wreath -  $7.00 , but only cost me $2.00!!

Here are your steps:
1. wrap your wood wreath with green garland
2. I hot glued the two ends to keep them on.
3. I then wrapped the silver garland around and glued that down too. I left a little bit of it at the top so it would be my "loop".

4. Then, I took two of my ornaments and put them through enough green wire  and wrapped it around the wreath. I alternated the glitter and shiny ones.

5. I then made a bow and attached it with the pipe cleaner. I popped it on my door! 

Hope you enjoy! Leave me a comment!!! :)

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