Ornament Wreath Crafting

I have been crafting A. TON. I wanted to share a few projects that I have been working on.  I saw the post here on how to make an ornament wreath. I am in HEAVEN! Of course I found it on pinterest! I thought that I would share a few of my wreaths!

Here are the steps - it took me about 9 packs of regular sized bulbs. (I used small ones as well on some projects, but it was NOT easier- in fact I think it was harder to fill in the gaps) I got mine at the dollar tree! Then I got a 10 pack of wire hangers from walmart! I also used a pair of needle nose pliers to twist my wreath together. I also bought a bow from Michaels for $1.27 - with my 15% discount and it was already 70% off.

Here is your supply list - wire hanger, about 90 bulbs, needle nose pliers, bow, hot glue gun, a big 30 gallon garbage bag and rubber band.

1. take your hanger and make it rounded. I leave a portion of the top open.Do you see to the right how I use the pliers to make the loop and I keep the actual hanger part so you have something to hang the wreath from.

(I put a rubber band on one end so the bulbs dont come off.)

2. I glue each bulb top to itself so they don't pop off (you will thank me for this!) I lay them all on the garbage bag - I HATE having glitter everywhere - (youre welcome)

3.  I glue them all at once then I lay them out in the pattern I want them in. I usually do 6 of one color (glitter, shiny, matte) then I do maybe 2 of another color and one of the accent color.

4. It will look like crap at first, but as they start to lay where they should it will look great.

5. Then I add the bow using a pipe cleaner - I wrap it around the top portion. Do you see to the right how I use the pipe cleaner to keep the bow on? I try to use the color pipe cleaner that the bow is!

6. Hang your wreath and admire it! These were all made by  me and I love them all! Please leave a comment or a picture! :)

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