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I wanted to share a permanent spot for Puzzler for what it is and how it works in the primary classroom.

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Do you use magnetic letters in your classroom? I use magnetic letters in my class A LOT. I mean, a lot.  I use them during morning work for some students. I have some students use them during center time or stations. I have my students use them daily during guided reading time. Magnetic letters are something that are used multiple times a day - EVERYDAY in my classroom.

Click the picture below to go to my TPT store to see the sheets.

This letter return board has saved SO much time. My kids are actually getting better at letter identification, AND they are getting FAST at it. With special needs students, pre-k and kinder babies - this is HUGE! 

If you click on the image below, it is going to take you to where you can get the magnetic boards that they go on.  These boards are double sided dry erase and magnetic. The best part is that they are PRIME on amazon, so you don't need to wait weeks to get them, like I did! 

I have had many people ask, what else do I use these letters for to make the purchase of boards and letters worth it? YES!!!

My students also play puzzler. I have many packs for puzzler. They range from word families, to sight words. This particular set is for our students working on letter sounds. Medial, Initial and Ending. Students pick a picture card, then, they look at the chart for the secret letter (they really can be confusing), then they have a bunch of mixed up letters. They must fix them to become a new word. 
Students are able to use the cards for letter identification and matching if they wish. They may not be ready for the "puzzler" part of the game. They can grow to that. 

Each template has three options. It has the word fully provided with tracing dots. The second template has just the letter that the student is looking for in the puzzler card. The last template is blank for those students that are ready for fully independent practice. 

I have included mini labels for students to easily find and return their packs to the correct Iris bin. They are can also be organized into zip lock baggies as well.
Each set is organized by a theme. Each card is color coded and labeled so that lost cards can easily be returned to the correct boxes and bins.

Click below to be taken to this tray from Amazon. You can find it at IKEA, but it is over an hour drive for me.

You can find instagram videos and highlights where I go into detail about how to use it, set it up, and videos of it in action. Click on the instagram link below. 

Do you own Puzzler? I'd love to know how you organize and set it up! 

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