How to Stop Interrupting in the Classroom

Hi friends! I wanted to share one of the most used resources that I have ever made. 
If you don't have students that interrupt, share your secrets in the comments!
Interrupting, especially in first grade, is always an issue. Kindergarten is not a requirement in many states, so it is possible that a child's first full time experience could be in first grade.

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Interrupting is a true problem in a primary classroom. Students need to practice deciding when is it ok to interrupt the teacher. When is my problem a problem I can solve? How can I solve my problem?
This activity is made to have students working together in small groups. They are to sort the scenario cards into two piles. You can decide which are ok in your personal classroom. I have included 48 scenarios. Is it ok or not ok to interrupt.
I have included letters to add to an anchor chart for:
Interrupt? Yes No
Ok to interrupt
Not ok to interrupt

Students will then decide how to problem solve the ones that are NOT ok to you as a teacher. I have my students come up with two ways.

I placed these signs on my table during guided reading and my students will then ask a friend for help or look at the anchor chart to see if what they need is something important enough to interrupt. 
Sometimes I think I want these in my real life to show my husband - just me?lol

I love how these were used in a sensory bin for an additional layer to the lesson. 

 You could very easily do this in a small group at your guided reading table as a lesson, instead of working whole group. That way you can focus in on students who may need to go over these routines a bit more.
Working together really helps the children to understand that they CAN help each other out in so many situation. It allows them to become independent problem solvers. 

I am sure to save the lesson for January when we come back from winter break because many need a refresher. Their answers are always so much better once we come back. 

I feel this review about my resource on so many levels. I used to feel like I was going to jump out of the window with interruptions, but I don't any longer.

Here are some of the books that I use throughout the first month of school to get the conversation going about interrupting and tattling. They are all fantastic. I wish there were more! If you know of more, leave a comment below. I love adding to my collection. Click on the picture of the book to be taken to the book title directly.

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