Wordless Wednesday - Do you Redo?

Hey friends! 
I am linking up with Miss Decarbo for Wordless Wednesday! 
Now, you know that I can't be wordless, that just doesn't happen. Today feels like my first day of break. It is after midnight and I am still up (read as - I will pay for that when Reid wakes up in 5 hours) 

I had camp, vacation, the Vegas trip and my illness so I haven't had a chance to do nothing that others expect of me. We start back to school in one month. One month. UGH. Time-why don't you go this fast during the year?! 
My question for all of you is how often do you redo your things you make? I am looking at this pack below and I am wanting to redo some of these. Yes, it would be easier to just leave them. They are cute enough, and no one would know the difference, but me. I have awesome new clip art and new ideas, but I am tired. I need a break, but I want to make new stuff. 

Do I leave it, or make new stuff? 
What do you do? 
How often do you make things new? 

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  1. Updating is always a good idea.
    It was nice meeting you today, I hope you have a great coming school year.

  2. I do update things from time to time. Especially things I made my first year. I thought Comic Sans was a cool font 9 years ago lol and never used clipart or borders. Boy have I come a long way. I often update them to look nicer and bring them into the TPT generation :-).

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  3. I would take a break first! Once you're rested, then you'll know where you want to spend your time. :) I work better when I'm rested. Good luck and enjoy your month!

    Simple Insights


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