How to Lock Down Images on a PDF using a Mac Computer

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I wanted to share my periscope video that is going to expire this evening. It is on:

I know that many people that create use awesome clip art. We are so lucky to have such amazing artists out there that share their products with us. Their terms of use are pretty clear that we need to protect their work from others using it without paying for it.

When I first started creating, I thought I was doing it right. I was creating in powerpoint, and then saving it as a pdf - so I was secure - right? WRONG!

People are still able to go into a pdf and take images off of your creations and use them!
We don't want that to happen. One, someone is taking something you made, or a clip artist made and using it as their own. That just stinks. You may be like me though, and you honestly thought you were doing it right.

I am going to post my periscope of how to quickly do this using a mac. I am also doing a step by step of how to do this as well. If you want the video scroll down below. If you you want the step by step, keep reading!

Just a Primary Girl - How to Lock Down Images on a PDF using a Mac

Just a Primary Girl - How to Lock Down Images on a PDF using a Mac 2

Just a Primary Girl - How to Lock Down Images on a PDF using a Mac 3

Just a Primary Girl - How to Lock Down Images on a PDF using a Mac

Here is the video:

Please leave any questions you may have below.

I will try to figure out how to do this using a PC too. My husband has a dinosaur pc, so I will play around with it and see if I can help!

Have a great night!

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  1. Thanks Aly for sharing this tip! I couldn't figure out how to do this and your instructions were really helpful! I'll definitely be trying it with all my packets now. Have a great night!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  2. I am so glad it was helpful for you!

  3. Love this post! Thank you! Wonder if you could do troubleshooting! When I save this way, my hyperlinks get lost. I found I can open my Power Point (on a mac) in Keynote and save it as a PDF there and my hyperlinks get saved and still work, but the graphics aren't secured. Any thoughts? Thanks again for sharing! I know this is going to help a lot of people!
    Reading and Writing Redhead

    1. I am having this same problem. Is there a solution? Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this, it's great information to have! I now know how to make my creations more safe for all those graphic designers whose work I use! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this tip!

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