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UGH It is that time of year! DRA testing. I have checklists that I use and I organize my DRA tests in advance so that I have a smooth testing time. I get most of mine done in an afternoon. I have the kids use the ipads as a class for about an hour or I show a movie that has curriculum tied to it. Most of my kids will make the benchmark of 16. 

What tests do you do in first grade. Are there any checklists or processes you use to make it go smoother?

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  1. YUP! I hear ya... Beginning, Middle & End... I did DRA in FL but we use TRC (same thing) & Dibels here plus a bunch of county things... But the data always makes me feel better to see the growth:-) Good luck!!!
    Love, Dianna
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  2. We also use DRA's and Easy CBM (which is pretty much DIBELS). I also just have a recording sheet that I keep throughout the year and add to every time I DRA so that I can see the progress! I usually do my testing during Daily 5 choices so that my kiddos are working independently. I haven't really found any tricks to help it go by smoother! Testing is just no fun, but the end is near! Good luck :)

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  3. We also use the DRA2 for our reading assessment. We turn in our results with the previous test scores on the same paper (classroom reporting form) to make it easier to see what progress has been made.
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  4. We also use the DRA2. We document our scores ourselves and then receive a excel spreadsheet from our Curriculum Specialist. We input each kid and we are ready to go. About 3 times a year we put in our scores. This way, we always have access to the document and can see how the kids have progressed along the way. I put all my kiddos on silent reading and AR quizzes while I test one kid at a time. On top of that, we also have end of the year reading and math tests that they have to take.


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