Words Their Way and TPT Sale

You know TPT is having a sale when I wake up an hour earlier for school than normal so I can shop before!!! I wanted to share my biggest packet yet. I am so proud of it!
I went from using Wilson fundations that is completely done for you to Words Their Way. I must say that it is not my favorite however - like me you probably do not have a choice at your school of what spelling to use. I was making up a test for three - four groups each week. This was driving me buggy! It was so bad that I was giving the same test three times through the year for some sorts and making up all new tests. Not any more. I decided to create this so that those that struggled like me have a reference and a starting point so you are not wondering around feeling crazed by this program. It really doesn't take any time any longer so I am hoping it will help you out!
This bad boy is 90 pages and will grow to 130 once I add the remaning sorts for within word. I only make things that I would use in my classroom and I do not feel that many more sorts will be used in my first grade class. I will add them though because I know some of you have rockstar first graders or you are teaching an upper grade! 

This is what you get in your pack! Whoot!

Here is what your tests will look like for each sort. I use the previous week's words for the testing as well in sentences. 

Here is the initial spelling test to help you group your students.

here are a few of the things I will be purchasing! 

Get your shop on friends!!!

Mrs. H.

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