Made It Monday on a Tuesday!

I haven't posted much, but this school year whipped my butt! I am enjoying the sunshine and being on a much needed break, but I am super pumped about my Made it Monday!

I have crate seats in my classroom, they turned out fantastic! I made a set for my friend as well. Here are a few pictures of that from last year.

So then after the entire school year, my pretty white crate seats took a beating, and just couldn't stand seeing them go through such damage and dirt again (plus I doubt they would have made it)

On our last day of school, our fantastic librarian gave me 4 white milk crates she was going to toss in the trash! Whooot!!! Off to home depot I went! My helper (Vic~) cut my wood for me for free! Got to love the scrap section of home depot.

 Then I went to Joann's with my 50% off coupon and teacher ID! I got 2 yards of vinyl black and white polka dot material for my bench and 2 yards to redo my 6 crate seats. My total $12 to cover 10 seats! :) Score in my book!
 I put my material flat on my garage floor print down. Then I took my foam seats from Walmart
They are 15x15 square cushions. There are 4 and it was $8.97. I didn't need new for my crates because they still look great. If you are counting my bench was only $12.97 so far!
 Once I had them on, I had to cut to even out where it hung over.

 Then, I just put it on with my glue gun. With my crate seats I didn't need to glue, but since this was over 50 inches, I had to. I folded over and started stapling. My wood is 1 3/4 inch board and my staples are 5 /16  staples. They lay flush perfectly.

This is my other beauty that my father in law repurposed! It was a $5 yard sale find! I used 2 yards of the same polka dot vinyl on this as well. It turned out beautiful! These are the only pictures because it was time consuming, and every chair is different! 
 Here is my finished bench and chair all together!
 As you can see, I used Zip ties to keep them close together.
 Then I remembered that my kiddos are wiggly worms and that something needed done with the top to keep it on the crates.
 So, I got out my neon green drill.
 I took my 1 1/4 screws and found a few places and started drilling.
 Making sure that I was sitting on the chair and pushing with all my might to make sure my first grade bottoms didn't get pierced. If MY big butt can sit on them, bouncing - my kids will be safe.

Here is the finished product, along with my homemade bulletin board for my hallway to make the fire marshall and the custodians happy. That way I don't need to glue down clips all over the hallway this year. 
The bins match my theme perfectly. 
Once I have my chair, and bench in my room tomorrow, I will take an updated picture! :)

I am linking up with Made It Monday! 

Happy Crafting! 
I can't wait to go to Pittsburgh so I can visit HOBBY LOBBY! We don't have one in VA near me, so my list is HUGE. Chevron - here I come! 

Mrs. H. 


  1. I looks so cute :) I love those purple bins with the black and white, and the bulletin board is cute too!!

    The Resource(ful) Room

  2. Hello! I haven't been around much much since last fall so I need to catch up! I love your bench and the chair is awesome! The vinyl will be easy to keep clean! I had forgotten you're from Pittsburgh.....I'm going to be traveling to Industry soon and am planning to go to Pittsburgh while I'm there. Can you tell me some fun things to do there or places to visit? Thanks so much!


  3. Hi Amy! Thanks so much! I love the colors as well. I was just black and white, but this year I added purple and also yellow chevron! :) I am so excited!

    Vicky! Hi friend!!! The vinyl should be much easier! I am happy to see how it works! There are so many great places in PGH! Industry is near where I grew up! Do you have family there? The Church Brew Works is an awesome church turned into a brewery with awesome food. Seeing the Cathedral of Learning at PITT is great! You should also go on the incline - It showcases the entire city! There is a ducky tour that does land and water in the whole city. If you are able to go to PNC Park, it is breathtaking! The carnegie science center is a ton of fun too! Oh I could go on and on! :)

    1. Awesome....Thanks! My brother-in-law and his family live there and I am going with my daughter and mother-in-law to visit them. I am looking fir some fun things to see and do while there. I'll put these on my list and try to do a couple of them. I'll look then up to read more about them too! I'm excited to visit a new place! I hope you had a great year and get recharged and rested up this summer. How is Reid....getting big I'm sure! They grow up way too baby just graduated high school!!!!
      Blessings, Vicky

  4. Everything came out amazing! I'm too aftaid to try the crate seats, but they're still on my to do list...when I build up the courage!

    Success in Second Grade

    1. They are so easy! They will take you about an hour or two - shorter if you have help. If you do the bench an hour!

  5. Great job! I'm your newest follower on bloglovin. Head over to mysecongradejournal to check out my freebie!

  6. Those are great! I love the bench idea! I have crate seats but am thinking about using the bench version for my word work table. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!!

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies

    1. I have both, and cant wait to use the bench this year!

  7. LOVE your bench. If I had room in the library I would so make one of these! Sara B.

    1. Aw, that stinks! I wish you could sneak it in somewhere!

  8. I love that bench! Guess that will be my project for today!

    Third Grade Galore

    1. I'd love to see if if you do! Please email me at if you make one!


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