Cute Butterfly Valentine Box - Just in time!

Hi friends!

Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I was rushing planning my Valentine's box for my classroom. I thought I would share how simple and easy it was to make! I hope my kiddos like it.

Here is the supply list

4 paper plates
1 sharpie marker
1 large bag from target
1 medium bag from target
1 small bag from target
1 pack of 4 circle tags
1 2 liter soda bottle.
Total cost $5.00! Whoot!

It took me about a half hour.

cut your bottle's top off
cut the bag back half and front half

Wrap the bottle with the bag. Use regular tape to secure

cut the handle to make the antena 
take two plates and cut the edges off and use those as your top circles of the butterfly. 

trace the circles on the next bag. Cut them out and tape the bag around them. Easy peasy

take the plate and secure it to the back edge of the bottle with tape. 

Do it for the second circle

cute - right?!
Materials for the second circle

I used a lid from tupper ware. Trace and cut out the circles. Then trace the next bag and cut out those circles. 

Tape them on the back like you did the first set. Be mindful to make it high enough so the bottle 's bottom can still lie flat.

Take two of your tags. Cut off the cord

Tape them on to the bag's handle! 
Adorable and fast!

Hope you can use this as your rush to put your valentine box together for tomorrow.

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