Sandy Hook Elementary School

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As a human, teacher, and mother I am so incredibly saddened by the events of yesterday. I sat powerless and speechless watching the events unfold. I am grief stricken for all of the families that lost loved ones. These were just babies, not yet given a chance to see where their creativity and energy would take them. There are no words to express what loss I feel, so I won't try to imagine how those teachers, students, parents, family and friends feel in CT. Their worlds will be changed forever.  I am honored to be a part of a profession that employs educators and heros such as Kaitlin Roig. She is a true picture of bravery. Her heroic actions came at what seemed like second nature. My condolences and deepest sympathie are with them all. I pray for them all to have the strength to manage their pain and heartache.  

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