Nancy Clancy - Fancy Nancy Super Sleuth Freebie Reading Response Sheet

Hi Friends!
My surgery went well. I have upgraded from a cane with sparkles to a walker! ha - However I am standing up straight so that is a plus.

I wanted to share an activity my kids did with the first chapter book in Fancy Nancy's life.
Our librarian had just gotten a nice new crispy copy at the beginning of the year and asked me and my first grade friends if we would like to read it, and give a report about the book.

O.M.G these turned out ADORABLY!
I had to make a response sheet for them. They kiddos got to use Nancy's fancy words, and we did a word of the day with it, so the kiddos used the words thief, heist, robber, sleuth in everyday translation. It was such a hit!

Her favorite part was when Jojo wore the flippers around the house! haha

This little love used the word "suspect" in her writing saying her favorite part was when the suspect was caught with the marble. Adorable. She is one of my strugglers - but did so well!
The librarian surprised my kiddos by putting their responses on the bulletin board at the entrance of the library for everyone to see! I would have put boa's and such around it with a fancy heading, but I don't think she expected us to do such a fantastic job! :)

You can pick up your FREE copy of the response sheet at my TPT Store

Until next time,
Mrs. H.

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