Stone Magnets But Easier!

Here is my version of the stone magnets (on the left) that I saw here. The stones just didn't turn out so nice for me.
See here to the right...
So I thought can I just not use the stones? So I looked around on pinterest, and found this project.

Here is all you need:
Circle Craft Punch - already on hand
Paper Glaze - Michaels $4.99
Stickers - on hand
Magnet Buttons - on hand
Stone Gems - I left out
A glue gun - on hand
Card stock - not pictured. I used white because I put my stickers directly on top of them. So if it is dark, nothing will hide it.

Here's what you do.
1. Using your craft circle cutter - cut out your circles from your cardstock. I have a ton now for future projects.
2. put your stickers on top of the cardstock.
3. Put your magnet on the back of the blank side.
4. put a layer of glaze over top of the stickers. I did a circle starting at the center and working my way out. (This part is important to do nicely)
5. Literally let it sit for 24 hours. Do NOT even touch to check if it is dry or it will mess up.
6. 24 hours later your magnets will be ready to go.

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