Wordless Wednesday - Classroom Storage Obsession??

Hey guys
Are you as obsessed with containers and storage as I am? 

I just can't help myself. I LOVE a lock and latch container, I love bins with lids the most. I think because it contains so much clutter. If it's clear, I need to make a full label to cover it so I can't tell what's inside. Do you guys get like that too??? 
I love bins to stay organized. I think it's because our school has zero storage built in. So if I don't hide it, everyone sees it. 
You can see some of my editable labels here, and here
So my question- do you have a lot of storage built in or are you container obsessed like me to hide the clutter? 

I'm linking up with Christina from Miss Decarbo's class


  1. Oh Yeah. I love 'em, too. I shop all the sales. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I love a good storage bin, and organization. I am lucky and have a fair amount of cabinet space, but man are they still over flowing!
    Flipping into First

  3. Thanks for sharing your labels.

  4. I love all your bins. I especially like the turquoise and black ones. I am using those colors in my classroom this year. I am currently working on labeling everything.
    Second Grade Positivity

  5. I am container obsessed like you. I have many different kinds, sizes, brands, colors, etc. I love them. I have extras I just keep because you never know when you will need them.

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  6. Storage obsessed to hid to clutter. It is a must in any classroom! I love the lock and latch containers. I use them for my math tubs and I wasn't sure how they would work out but the kids are able to use them with no problems!


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