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Long time no blog. I pinky promise to get better! 
Starting today!!!
I wanted to share a bright idea with you today. 

I used to spend so much time explaining to parents what buttons to push on the copier. They didn't understand what collated and uncollated meant. They didn't know to push the copy output to find that option. They didn't know that I needed really dark text on my copy and to find it you went to the image quality button. 

So, I made this little sheet and had all the info with the buttons they needed to push. OH. MY. WORD. What a time saver! I keep all of my copy requests clipped to the original, and just pull it out and put it in my volunteer bin. 

It is pretty easy for them. I haven't had any parents come back confused. The awesome thing is that if they are in the copy room, and are not sure - another teacher can help and EASILY see what I truly wanted. BEST CHOICE EVER!!!

I hope you have found some great bright ideas here  - and find using a copy request a time saver too. Do you use them? I would love to hear about how you help make life easier for those parent volunteers! 

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  1. Such a good idea! I always write it out on post-it notes, but this will save me a lot of time (and make it easier for my TAs)!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple


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