Saturday Snapshots - Traveling and riding with a four year old

Hi guys! I am joining Miss Nelson for Saturday Snapshots!! If you haven't joined up or know about it, go find out!!

This sweet boy turned 4 on Wednesday! Couldn't you just eat him up!? Love this little love to pieces. 

My hunny and I have a trip to Chicago, but we have to drop Reid off at the grandparents house. We will be in Pittsburgh for two days to celebrate one of my BF's baby shower, my son's family birthday party, and then we hop a flight to Chicago. Any suggestions of what to do? 
It really stinks packing for two different trips. The green bag is my Pa bag and that tiny little blue one is for Chicago. I am going to try my hardest to have just this carry on. The brown and little blue is Reid's. I actually packed LESS than my husband. 

I bought this coffee mug to CHARGE my computer IN THE CAR! I am able to laminate in the car as well! Yippeee Don't call me crazy.  Click HERE or on the picture to link to the charger. 

This is a part of my Don't Forget the Forms pack - It includes so many forms! Check it out!

I was able to work on my projects in the car and have that battery stay nice and charged. 

We made it safely to grandmas house and he hasn't skipped a beat. He is driving us crazy! 

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  1. I am impressed with all of your work in the car, I would be as sick as a dog! Your son is adorable, happy 4th birthday! Hope all of you have a great trip!

  2. I need one of those coffee mugs! Stat! Enjoy your trips!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  3. I am sooo jealous of your coffee mug. I NEEDED that last week on my vacation! I hope your trips are fun.

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  4. That coffee mug charger looks amazing! I've never thought to bring a laminator in the car with me, but it is a productive use of time. I will definitely be checking out your forms product. I will have to translate them into Spanish, but having the English version done would be a huge time saver.
    The Traveling Teacher

  5. Where oh where did you get that awesome coffee cup charger? That is brilliant! Have fun on your trip to Chicago. I have only ever been to the airport there, so I'm not familiar with what there is to do there.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Where did you get that charger??? Oh my goodness...I must get one of those! Have so much fun on your trip. :) Love your pictures!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  7. I love that coffee cup charger. I keep forgetting to order one. I hope you have a blast in Chicago. Great pictures this week. Happy Birthday Sweet Reid.


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