Pinspired Thursdays Number 5

Welcome to week number 5! I am only 7 days from freedom - that should be the name of a song.

I am going to be sharing a few pins that I hope to accomplish this summer and some awesome ideas to make life a bit easier!!!

You can add a picture of something you pinned on pinterest that you want to try to make, purchase or create on your own. It could also be a picture or pictures of your class in action with something that you saw and made that you use in your classroom. It could also be something you wore that was pinspired.

If you do join up, please leave the link for the actual pin so that someone else can duplicate or create the pin you saw.

                                                           Some friendly rules

First up - my outfit. I loved this combo. You can click on the pic to see the link!

This is my outfit! It was too cold for the yellow shoes, so I used my riding boots! 

 Next up is one of my favorite traveling items. This has kept me sane on five hour drives! This little thing charges my COMPUTER so I have juice my entire drive home. I can get report card comments done in the car while my husband drives. Click on the picture for the link
Worth every penny!

Did you know by adding just two drops of saline to your mascara, it gives it new life? Yep. Try it. 
You are welcome!

Here is my goal for the summer. Polka Dot Teacher is my hero!!!
My closet shelf is the same but it does NOT look like this. I WILL be tackling this project this year. I am almost ashamed to show you my closet. It is like Monicas Closet on Friends. 
If I am feeling brave, I will update with my closet this am. 

I am going to try using these to make myself more organized. It starts today my friends. 

I would love to hear from you. If you have questions about my projects, please let me know. You can follow my Pinterest page here

Spread the word, and come back often to link up!
I hope you will join in!

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  1. Where did you find that awesome mug charger. I so need that. I'll be ready to link up starting next week. I've been so sick so I have been going to sleep as soon as I get home.


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