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Hi friends! I am just two alarms away from the end of this school year. I can't wait to start my arts and crafts!!! What about you???

You can add a picture of something you pinned on pinterest that you want to try to make, purchase or create on your own. It could also be a picture or pictures of your class in action with something that you saw and made that you use in your classroom. It could also be something you wore that was pinspired.

If you do join up, please leave the link for the actual pin so that someone else can duplicate or create the pin you saw.

                                                           Some friendly rules

First up - my outfit.  You can click on the pic to see the link!
I loved the camo with stripes. How pretty!!!

This is my outfit! I wanted a bold red shoe with this! 

Outfit number 2

 Here is my version. I wanted cute shoes to go with this. I just loved this outfit with the scarf with a different pattern.
Next up is just a regular pic that I made up, that I didn't pin, but loved the colors. I got the pants online from target. The shirt and jacket were TJ Maxx, the shoes were from Nine West, and the necklace is Nordstrom. 
Last week, I posted this picture of my closet, but was afraid to show you mine.... this is no joke what mine looked like. 
Well, I wasn't is my closet below. 
I can't even believe I am sharing a picture of this mess. But only because of the improvements that I have made am I showing you!!!

This was my inspiration!!!
Here is my goal for the summer. Polka Dot Teacher is my hero!!! I WILL look like this once I get my labels together!!!!

Here is what mine looks like. The top colorful ones are from Costco and it is two sets, so it cost about $40. I will put monthly themed projects inside.
The others were $3.97 each from walmart. I will be making my labels this summer for them to keep me better organized.
Here is my last stroke of genius! I hope this can work for you in your classroom. I only did the tape on a few, and honestly I didn't even need it with the red colored pencils.

I would love to hear from you. If you have questions about my projects, please let me know. You can follow my Pinterest page here

Spread the word, and come back often to link up!
I hope you will join in!

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  1. I LOVE that first outfit with the camo pants and black/white striped top…So Cute! Congrats on the closet redo…I need to work on my classroom organization this summer, too:)

  2. I have a closet that looks like that...and a corner of my bedroom....YIKES! This is a great linky party. Next week, I'll have to join. I LOVE your blog!


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