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Hi Friends! I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday better late than never - right?

I have a science group that I meet with after school. I use it to promote social skills, reading, writing along with the love of science! They LOVE it. To be honest, I love it. It is so exciting seeing their little faces light up as they complete each activity. There is a lot of writing, but I ensure that they are aware that writers do write A LOT.

My first graders learned about floating, density and carbonation. They were so excited. 
Thanks to Steve Spangler - we were able to see lots of things float up and down. To hear them remembering such advanced terms was cool. 

We are working on our Really Cool Research in first grade. I ordered just about every scholastic pack that there was for non fiction and each kid got to pick what book they wanted. They also checked out a book from the library on their topic. It was really cool watching them fill out their research sheet!

Like I said, I am digging science this year! Here are my sped teacher and I demonstrating force and motion using straws and ping pong balls. I think my kids get it now! How fun

oh my clip chart. man has life gotten easier since using the clip chart. 
When my kids end their day on blue they get a nickel reward (fake money obviously), they get a dime on purple and a quarter for pink. They shop once a week for items that cost me nothing. If you want pc time you can buy it. Lunch with me is the most expensive. I had two kids save this week for 4 weeks to save their money to have lunch with me. So stinking cute. 

I had this awkward space on my filing cabinet that will now hold my chart because I want my board for my easel paper. I am done with my giant easel. It is taking up too much space!!! So here is my clip chart's new home. 

Best choice ever was making this magnetic instead of using clips. There hasn't been one lost yet, and they are still in AMAZING condition, making it one less thing I need to worry about for next year to make.  I use this to go along with it. 

There are print and go and regular versions. Depends on if you want it customized or if you are fine using the one I have in my tpt store. You can find them in my store by clicking the picture you want here. 

I am so excited to be planning for NEXT YEAR! What what! I haven't been ready to plan for the following year in all the years of teaching.  I have this copy form that I use to give parents. It is your standard information for a copy machine and should work well. I hope you can use it. Grab it in my store free! 

I have a bunch of new items on my TPT store that I would love for you to check out! 

Have a great night!

Mrs. H. 

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  1. I love your copy request sheets! These will be a huge help next year! Now I won't have to waste so many post it notes. Your behavior clip chart is super cute too, but I think I am going to checking to see how my colors match up to yours. I love the calendar idea, and really want to implement that part too!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 


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