10 things I want to do this summer

I thought I would like up with Mrs. Jump's class for
Ten? Oh my, I have about 25 this week. Feel me? 

1. Chicago
My husband and I are going to Chicago at the end of June for a week. Our first week long trip sans Reid ever. So it should be interesting.  What are some places we should visit? 
2.  Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
I am so excited to spend this summer with my little boy. This was a big year developmentally for him, and he is potty trained which is huge when going to the pool! Yay for that.  Plus who wouldn't want to hang out at this pool? It is included with our HOA fees. So much fun.

3.  Home
We are from Pittsburgh Pa and haven't been home since December. One of my very best friends is due with her first baby in July and I can't wait to see this little boy. I have missed her entire pregnancy and it makes me sad. I can't wait to see my other best friend in Ohio too. I haven't seen my godson and I miss them so much. 

4. Birthday Parties
Summer is a big time for birthday parties! We will go home quite a few times over the summer and I am so excited to see what kind of cake Reid will have this year. (Toy story will play a part for sure)

5. Pinterest 
Good grief, I need to stay off of Pinterest because it makes me spend so much money. I have so many pins that I want to do. 
First up is letters for my son's room. I have two ideas, but I am not sure which one I want to do. My son's room is toy story and I wanted to do these paper mache letters looking like a road with cars, but then I am worried that he won't like cars forever or even a year then I wasted $40. So I thought I could put pictures on them of him or pictures of all the movies he has liked. Not sure... ugh

6. Crafts
I just love making cute things for my house. I made this cute wreath for a house warming gift for a friend! I hope to make more of these this summer. 

7. Classroom redo and Colors 
My post wouldn't be complete without school stuff. I won't even lie and say I won't do school stuff. I absolutely will. Each day while my kiddo is napping I will make something for my new school year. 
The first project is going to be a monthly memory book rather than an end of the year one. My kids are so young that they forget without a brain storm about the best things we did this year. So we will do one each month and then at the end of the year do just a couple pages rather than the whole year. 
I am trying to decide if I want to start incorporating other colors in my classroom theme this year. Right now is it purple with just a few splashes of yellow here and there. I was thinking of doing either neon blue or neon green. What do you think? I was thinking green baskets would be my add on and maybe my decor would be green as in some of my posters etc, but only neon.

8. Redo
How many times do you redo things each year. I get bored seeing the same stuff each year that I make things new each time. For example, my first week of school pack last year and this year -  I already redid it! 
                                          Last Year                        This year

9. TV
I am planning on watching the series of parenthood since I never watched it. I also think I am going to start watching blue bloods. I love me some donnie wahlberg so why not. 

10. Husband time on my patio furniture.  I just love this furniture and can't wait to spend summer nights hanging out together on it! 

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  1. I love this blog post. Love your list. We have some similar things. I hope you and Reid have a blast this summer. I have a 4 year old nephew turning 5 named Christian. He just learned to swim so it will be a great summer. He's making great progress as well being autistic. I think green and purple would be pretty. I'm loving your new blog look. I haven't been reading blogs lately. I hope to catch up this summer. Have a great week!

  2. Chicago is such a great place to vacation! Mr. WigglingScholars and I get there every now-and-then. We adore Schubas! It is a funky neighborhood bar/restaurant that has a small music hall attached. The room is unbelievable~ groovy old stage, takes only about 100 people, barely need microphones... The food is great and the libations are even better! It's a bit out of the city center, but well worth the trip.

  3. Fun list! I love Chicago, I went there for a conference last year for the first time. The first day we were there, we did one of those hop-on hop-off bus tours. It gave us a great historical overview. After that, we knew what we wanted to go back and explore in more detail. Enjoy and have a great summer!

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  4. Cute room! Purple is my favourite colour. Did you print out those Melonheadz kids or draw & colour them? :)

    First Grade Garden


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