November is approaching

Hello friends! November is approaching so fast! Where is the time going? I am stressing through conferences this week, and something that I give to parents each month is a book selections help sheet. During conferences, I always give out several items at conferences.
This is the first one I give to parents. I want them to know where their child is, and what level books will be the best fit for them. We use DRA, but we all know that not every book has DRA, and that many have guided reading level. So parents have told me how helpful this form is at conferences. 

 At our back to school night, I tell parents how much I love scholastic and about all the books I am able to purchase. I then pull out one of the five bins of reading on cd we have and show them that I have 35 different books on cd and 6 copies of each book. I let them know that they are always needing replaced, and that I love that they can pick what they want! 
Because I spend so much time on this (a good ten minutes), I have gotten over $400 orders every year on the first month. So this year, I ended up with over 14,000 bonus points. Yes, you read that correct! 14,000! I swear I am going to hold on to them and buy myself an ipad mini for my classroom! lol
I kid, I kid, I will buy books! I am very luck to have such a great support in my room. 

That leads me to this:
I send these home each month. I let them know how they can order, and what the levels are. Parents have told me how much they enjoy being able to easily decide if their child can read a book. They are also books that I select that are sometimes aligned with what we are doing in class. 

I hope that you can use this freebie. I will try to post each month, although I don't usually get them ready until the day or two before that month. I am ahead of the game getting my November one out a week early. Whoot! 
Click on the picture below to grab your free copy! 

Have a great night! 

Mrs. H. 


  1. What a great idea! 14,! I get excited when I have 500. Thanks for the freebie and the idea!
    Two Friends In First

  2. Thanks so so much for the apples and pumpkins unit!! I can't wait to use it with my little one!


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