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Hello friends!
I am linking up with Tara for a Monday made it  I have been crazy busy, so this is made it way before Monday, but I put it together Friday morning so I hope that counts!! 

and also this is my second hop and second post in 7 days! Wow - how did that happen!? I don't know about you, but this school year is kicking my butt! It is 8:30 and I am already in bed. Working, but in bed, wishing I was already asleep.  How are you managing this school year?

Anywho, once again my friends Amanda, Ashley, Marie and Crystal at Once Upon a Classroom - two teacher perspectives

are doing a blog hop! Remember that every Friday in October, we will be posting freebies! Whoot! You know I love a good freebie! Who doesn't?

So all you need to do to participate is click on my button

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I have been doing a TON of independent Math Problems with my kids. The way it works is that whatever unit we are on, my kids do an independent math problem that reinforces what they were taught either that day or in that unit. My team has printed them and are using them as reinforces after the unit, which I also like because it is reinforcing the concepts after the fact!

So this is how I model it. 

Here it is being worked on completely independent. I rarely read it to any of the kids. I try to have them do it alone because the words that are difficult I preload before I put them out, and I also have difficult words with pictures. 

Notice that they are drawing the food items, and tallying

repeated addition 


Tally graphing

differentiating with our shapes unit. 
I am so proud and pleased with their ideas and ability to work alone and be creative. They love doing this alone, and get so excited when I pick two to share when we come back together for our closure. 

So here it is
Days 1-11 for free to try and see what you think

If you have suggestions, please let me know.
I am thinking that I may take off the number at the end of each word problem, so you are able to put them into the order you would like as many do not cover the same curriculum at the same time. I will also add a table of contents so you can easily find what we are covering for easy ordering once I get more into the pack. 
I am thinking of putting 22 into each pack and doing a monthly pack. 

After you have finished grabbing my freebie - and leaving comments on my blog and TPT store, be sure to visit  Meet Miss Parker

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So excited! Be sure to stop back each Friday to grab a new freebie! 

Mrs. H. 


  1. I am setting up word problems as one of the rotations when we do guided Math. I would definitely be interested in your monthly packages. I like the variety you've built in with types of questions and differing degrees of difficulty. I had some once (can't find them now sadly). That gave several questions for each problem on the cards and the kids could pick the level of challenge they were able to solve.

  2. I love the idea of doing monthly packages and maybe once you get them all together having them as a giant bundle. I also like your idea of not having them numbered. I like to give them to of course, correspond with what we are learning. It's not a big deal if they are numbered but nice if they're not. Thank you for sharing your work!!!

  3. What an awesome packet. Thanks for sharing and linkng up!
    A Burst of First

  4. Since implementing the tao of Badass, I have met many women, been on many dates and am currently dating 3 women and seeing whoever I like... my only complaint is I am also so tired all the time from having to 'service' all these bed is almost never empty. Thanks for this very effective weird secret.


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