September 11th work

I am torn about discussing and putting fear into my first graders by discussing 9/11, so I am going to touch on it briefly by discussing heros. I am going to let them watch the Brian Pop about September 11th. (Still torn about this as it is 3-5 grades)

I was browsing and found the site Elementary Matters and found an awesome lesson that I remade to fit my firsties and their early writing skills. You did a great job! They need the lines in my room. So I hope that you can use this! I am also going to be using the Cupcake for the Teacher  Flag activity, it is so cute! I will also have it double for Election so it will stay up there for a while! I love long lasting projects!

I am posting the link to my document on TPT for FREE here

I am joining the linky party

I hope you enjoy the project!



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