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Hi! I wanted to give you this adorable tutorial. I found the original one here. Now beings that I have only a boy, I question why I am even making this!!! I decided to make it for my best friend's little girl! This is just the cutest little thing!

Here are your supplies:
1. Solid pink ribbon is 3/8 in grosgrain ribbon - 26 inches total (one 101/2 inch piece and one 81/2 inch piece) Those are the butterfly wings. You will need one piece of 7 inch for the korker (spiral) middle.

2. Brown/Pink ribbon 5/8 in sheer ribbon - 19 inches total (one 10/1/2 inch and one 8 1/2 inch piece).
3. hot glue and gun
4. lighter or wood burner to heat seal your ends
5. modge podge - my version is half water, half elmers glue
6. dowel rod and two clothes pin clips

The tutorial:

First I heat sealed all the edges after I cut them to the lengths I wanted.

Take a dowel rod and wrap your modge podge soaked ribbon around it. Bake it at 275 for 30 minutes

Cover in modge podge and microwave for 1 minute

Take your first ribbon and put it on the dowel to mark it. Glue it in the middle.

flip each side and glue

fold the dotted brown and glue into place.

you will wrap them in the same place you did the top of the butterfly.

You can see (sideways) the the top half of the butterfly is done. Sorry the picture is sideways!

It is FAR easier to use two clothespins - I used straight pins and it was hard to do!!!

Lined clip - tutorial later!

Once you get the bottom butterfly done, you wrap the dotted just like you did the top. Then glue on the korker spiral one. 

I think this little lady is so stinking cute!!!!

 I hope you enjoyed looking at this little lady! I will do a tutorial on the heart piggy tail holders soon!

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