Winter Wreath

Now that we are almost at Christams ~ Yippee! I am already starting to think of things to do / make for the winter season. It has been raining for what I feel like has been years weeks. It is December 22, and it is 50 degrees outside! OY! This little beauty didn't take too long to make, and I think is a great wreath for January - March (If I don't make a valentine's day one first)
Here are your supplies
1. Dollar Tree Wood Wreath $1
2. Blue and Silver Garland Dollar Tree (1 pack 12 ft I think)$1
3. One Silver Garland (Walmart .97)
4. One pack of Dollar Tree Snowflakes in white (10 for $1)
5. Dollar Tree Blue Ribbon ($1)
6. 2 9ft Dollar Tree Silver bubbly garland ($2)
7. Two packs of thick snow flakes ($1.00)

I had most of this on hand so this only cost me - $4.50 but it will cost you roughly $8 unless you get to Dollar Tree the day after Christmas and get things 50% off like I will be doing!
* you can optionally paint the wreath white with spray paint so if you don't wrap well, it won't matter - * I didn't do this...
1. Wrap your wreath with the plain silver garland. It may have some gaps where you see brown, but you won't see it when you are done.

2. Wrap the blue and silver around now leaving a bit of space in between each round.

3. Now you will take the bubble garland and wrap three times in the spaces you left from the blue and silver garland. Making sure that you are getting rid of all the brown from the wreath. I left enough for two wraps to pop up on the top for my hook loop. see above!

4. Then I took my snow flakes. I didn't use all ten. I took silver ornament hooks and folded it in half and poked it through the snowflake and under the silver bubble garland. I twisted it like a twisty tie to that garland. I was surprised how well it stayed! To the right you can see the silver hanger going through.

5. I did the same with the thick big snowflakes and hung one from the top loop hook so it hung down.

6. Then I did my bow. A lot of people use a bowdabra, but I do them by hand - maybe I will do a video tutorial of that. I bet that will be a disaster! hahah

Please leave a comment and be a follower! :)Leave a picture of your best wreath!
Sit back and enjoy!!!

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