Wine Glass Coasters

So of course, I was on Pinterest and found this awesome project! I am NOT a sewer, so I tried to do it without needing a sewing machine. Now, I will say that these probably can't be washed in the washing machine because I used iron on hem bond, but hand washing them will work! They turned out cute, and had I used fabric rather than old bandanas I had laying around, they would have turned out even better! I followed all of the project directions exactly, except where it says to sew, I used iron on hem! Where it says decorative stitch, I used ribbon. Like I said this was my first crafty project in a long time so I used what I had so that if I didn't like them, I wouldn't care. I think they turned out cute though! Thanks to for the awesome idea!

8 inch square. I thought it would look cute with the edges matching.

The space in between is the 1.5 inch gap - you need this to pull your material inside out and look pretty. don't forget this step or it won't look as nice! :)

After you iron on the hem, you have to pull it inside out, showing the nice part of your fabric.

Then I cut more hem and ran it along the border and added ribbon. This step is not needed but it did jazz it up a bit!

Then you fold it over twice

more hem bond - let it sit with something heavy on it.

Tada! No one will ever misplace their wine glass OR get your coffee table messy!!! Love this!

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  1. Yes, you can also create a glass coasters using old fabric or handkerchief, just be creative to the design or style that you want to apply when making glass coasters. And these are example of simple but impressive DIY glass coasters.


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